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How to find a trustworthy gold buyer

Posted on January 4, 2014 by Carly McMillan

Finding a gold buyer you can trust is like finding a mechanic you can trust. You maybe a little dubious about what they are telling you and you’re not quiet sure if you fully understand. But like mechanics there are honest and dishonest gold buyers. So how do you know if your gold buyer is honest? Well let me use Divorce your Jewellery as an example of a gold buyer you can trust.


1. A jeweller not a pawnbroker


I’m not saying that you can’t trust your local pawnbroker. Many are honest hardworking people. However they are not jewellers. This is an important point. At Divorce your Jewellery we have qualified gemologists and jewellers on staff which can accurately assess the value of your gold and jewellery. Our knowledge and experience means that you can trust our valuation.


2. We buy diamonds


Unlike shopping centre gold buyers we will pay for any good quality diamonds or gemstones. Many gold buyers are only interested in the gold, this means that the cash value of your lovely 2 carat diamond ring is greatly diminished.


3. We stand by our valuation


At Divorce your Jewellery we encourage you to get a competitive valuation as we understand you want to get the best price for your gold. That’s why we provide no obligation free valuations and we never employ pressure techniques to make you sell to us. We know from our customers that our valuations are fair and competitive.


4. Everything is free


If you are in Sydney you can get a free valuation from one of our retail stores. If you are not in Sydney you can utilise our premium postage service called PostSafe. We pay for postage and insurance from anywhere in Australia so you can get a professional valuation from Divorce your Jewellery.


So when you’re looking for a trustworthy gold buyer look no further than Divorce your Jewellery. We are happy to provide you with friendly advise so why not call us on 1300 GOT GOLD today.

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