Pete, Perth

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I got un-engaged, I got the ring back, but now wanted it out of my life. I found Divorce your Jewellery and that they did engagement rings. Another one I contacted in Perth didn’t buy the diamond. I paid a lot for that ring, so it didn’t feel right. I sent it off, and I have to admit a was pretty happy to get the photo message on my phone with a photo of it there. They called me that afternoon, Ivars talked me through what it was worth. He said I had chosen a really nice ring. Wish I had chosen the girl better hey. But any way the offer was really great, and I accepted it and the cash appeared in my account the very next day. It was really easy, and I would like to say thanks for making it so easy for me. So now I’m going on holiday with my mate, fishing – no girls.

Elizabeth, Fairlight


I had a lot of valuable jewellery from my ex and wanted to get rid of it before I remarried. I wanted to deal with someone sympathetic, as I still cared for my rings, silly I know, but it made me feel better. Eric was able to talk me through my engagement ring, wedding band and a couple of other items and with all the money I received I threw myself a pre-wedding party!

Danni, Collaroy


I had heard about high gold prices, but didn’t think anyone would want my junk jewellery, like the stuff I wore when I was a kid. I saw that DYJ accepted broken stuff so I took it in and was so excited when they paid me a great price for it. I’m glad I held onto them for all this time!

John, Bilgola Plateau


I applaud DYJ for their patience. I dithered with what to do with my old gold coins and watch, and I did shop around but I came back to sell to DYJ. Thank-you for making the process painless and my decision easier!

Emily, Fairlight


Oh wow! I am so overwhelmed and speechless by both your generosity. I was taken aback yesterday as is. Today I don’t even know what to say, thank you – you have both been exceptionally kind and accomodating during such a challenging time for all os us.

Charlotte, Ballina

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I would like to offer my sincere appreciation for the extreme professionalism, which I experienced during my recent interactions with you and Divorce Your Jewellery. Following my initial online research a Postpack was requested, however a small concern remained about sending my valuables to an unknown destination that may not have proven completely reputable. Making a call led me to a voicemail, which still allowed those concerns to remain. Receiving a prompt call back with a patient and understanding response, where you proceeded to go through the process I had read about online, managed to put my mind at rest to a large degree.From that point everything you promised happened exactly as stated and when stated. The circumstances which led me to contact your company are not normal day to day ones, which alone provide an element of discomfort without the larger concern of dealing with an unreliable company. Your professional yet approachable and reassuring manner made a great difference in how that transaction felt. Thank you. Ivars, I would have no hesitation in doing business with you in any form in the future or in recommending you to my friends.

Maria, Gold Coast

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I had a few moment of “what if”, before sending my off my PostSafe pack, but I figured I could always report them to today tonight! But the day after I posted it they emailed me to say it had arrived.Plus sending the photo of it helped calm my nerves. Then that afternoon they rang me with my offer. I ended up rounding up everything I could find, and they couldn’t buy everything, but those they could I was really happy to accept their offer, and those they couldn’t I got back with a couple of days.

Anya, Dee Why


Although the cash would have been nice, I couldn’t bear to part with my old engagement ring so I was looking for someone to remodel it. It was a pretty emotional experience, but the DYJ crew made it a pleasure the whole way through and I love my new pendant!

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