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Gold Buyer – What Gold Buyer can I trust?

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Carly McMillan

Are you looking for a gold buyer you can trust? Divorce Your Jewellery takes the confusion out of finding a trusted gold buyer. There are many reasons why you should sell your gold to Divorce Your Jewellery, following are just a few:


1. Jewellers not Pawnbrokers


Unlike many gold buyers we are not pawnbrokers, we are jewellers. This means we have qualified jewellers and gemologists on staff who can accurately access your gold jewellery, scrap gold and gold and diamond jewellery. It also means we know what is happening in the gold market because we are a gold buyer. The benefit for you is that we feel confident we can find a market for your jewellery this makes us more confident in giving you a fair valuation. Unlike our competitors who may not feel they can on sell your gold.


2. Years of Experience


The staff at Divorce Your Jewellery have over 20 years appraising jewellery. This means you will benefit from a fair and informed valuation. Unlike some gold buyers we are also interested in buying good quality diamonds and gemstones. Many other gold buyers will only pay you for the value of the gold not the diamond.


3. Secure Postal Service


You maybe tempted to sell your gold to a local gold buyer but we believe you should reconsider this decision. Divorce Your Jewellery offers a free, fast and secure Australia Post service for valuation of your gold jewellery. PostSafe is a risk free postal service because your goods are insured every step of the way. It’s also no obligation, that means that if you are not happy with our valuation we will send back your goods fully insured, at no cost to you.


4. Sensitivity and Trusted Advice


At Divorce Your Jewellery we understand that selling gold jewellery is not always emotionally easy. That’s why we are sensitive to your needs for time to consider our valuation with no pressure tactics from us. We want you to be sure about your decision. We are also happy to provide you with advise if you ask for it. Instead of selling your gold jewellery you could always consider remodelling it into something else. We can do this for you too.


So if you are looking for a gold buyer you can trust you need look no further than Divorce Your Jewellery.



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