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Sell Gold – a retiree’s perspective

Sell Gold – a retiree’s perspective


Posted on September 20, 2012 by admin

Are you retired and need to sell gold?


Do you need to sell gold? We understand that jewellery and knick knacks build up over time, filling up that drawer or special jewellery box. You may have decided that it’s time to realise its cash value.


Sell Gold that is broken, damaged or unfashionable


It doesn’t matter how careful you are, precious jewellery and trinkets can get lost or damaged. Maybe you are able to relate to some of these scenarios:

– An earring goes down the shower drain or you lose it whilst swimming

– A chain becomes hopelessly twisted and ends up breaking, leaving you with several pieces too expensive to repair

– Your jewellery becomes dated and no longer suits your style

Then you end up accumulating valuable jewellery and trinkets which remain unworn.


Sell Gold that is inherited


Then there’s the matter of inherited jewellery. No matter how much we love our parents and relatives, there is no guarantee that their tastes in jewellery will match ours.


Sell gold for cash


Most people are quite unaware of what a gold mine they are probably sitting on. The fact of the matter is, gold is worth roughly 4 times more than it was 10 years ago. Your broken, unwanted, and unworn jewellery could earn you a substantial sum.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be in good condition. We don’t care if you have 16 single earrings, 7 broken necklaces, or 12 rings of various descriptions in various states of repair. The value is in the gold or platinum that these items are made from. As well as any quality diamonds that may feature in the jewellery


It’s easy


So when you want to sell gold, Divorce your Jewellery makes it as easy as possible. If you live in Sydney, you can sell gold to us at any one of our three convenient locations. If you live outside of Sydney, it’s a simple matter of making a request for one of our unique PostSafe packs. We will send the PostSafe pack out to you at our expense, pre-addressed, pre-paid, and insured. And completely free.


Sell Gold Online


Once you receive the pack in the post, simply fill out the Divorce Your Jewellery Application Form and sign it. Include a brief description of the articles you wish us to evaluate. Then make a photocopy of your driver’s license, or scan it and print it, and include it with the Application Form. Then simply place your items in the secure bubble-wrap bag we provide just for that purpose. Place the bag along with the application form and your ID into the Express Post Platinum bag we have provided.

Then it’s simply a matter of stopping by your local Post Office, presenting the bag to the staff, having them scan it into the system and stamp your receipt. Make sure you attach the little yellow sticker from the front of the envelope to the receipt as it indicates your Unique Tracking Number. Allowing you to see where your parcel is at any point in time.


The personal way


Once we receive your goods, we lay everything out clearly, take a photograph. We e-mail or SMS you that photograph so that you can have peace of mind, knowing that everything has arrived safely.

It’s simply a matter of waiting until we give you a personalised telephone call and provide you with an offer. If you say ‘yes’, we deposit it straight into your account or send you a cheque. It’s your decision what you would prefer. If you say ‘No’, we return your goods to you at our expense.

So when it comes to selling gold wherever you are in Australia, no one does it better than Divorce Your Jewellery. At Divorce your Jewellery every client is treated as a personal friend. Why not give us a try today?

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