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Selling diamonds – who can you trust?

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Carly McMillan

It may of come to that time in your life when you are interested in selling diamonds but you are unsure who you can trust. You may also be worried that you may not get a fair price for the jewellery you own.


Top Reasons for Selling Diamonds


1. Your diamond jewellery was considered very fashionable when you purchased it many years ago but now it doesn’t suit your style.


2. The jewellery reminds you of a past relationship and you feel you will be able to make a break and move on with your life if you sell the jewellery.


3. You have expensive pieces of jewellery which are broken or earrings are missing a pair. Why not realise the value of the precious pieces left by selling diamonds?


4. The pieces of jewellery were part of an inheritance but you feel your life would benefit if you realised their cash value.


Whatever your reason you can trust Divorce your Jewellery when it comes to selling diamonds. We are jewellers this means that we will pay you for not only the precious metal value of your jewellery we will also pay for any good quality diamonds and gemstones. Something many pawnbrokers or gold buyers will not do.


Honest Valuations


When it comes to selling diamonds you want to be assured that you will get a true valuation. At Divorce your Jewellery we have jewellers and gemologists on hand to assess the value of your jewellery. This means we will provide you with a true valuation of your diamonds and any gold.


We Pay Cash


If you are interested in selling diamonds to Divorce your Jewellery there are two ways in which you can get a free valuation. If you are based in Sydney you can come and visit us at one of our 3 retail outlets. Click here for locations. Alternatively, if you are not in Sydney or not interested in coming into a store you can use our free Australia wide postal service PostSafe. By using PostSafe your goods will be insured every step of the way. Whether you use PostSafe or visit us in store we will provide you with a rapid valuation of your diamond jewellery and make you an offer. If you decide to accept our offer we can pay you cash on the spot if you are in store. If you use the services of PostSafe we can either send you a cheque or transfer the money into your account the same day. The choice is yours. If you decide not to accept our offer we will return your goods to you at absolutely no cost to you. For more information on Postsafe, click here.


To Find Out More


Give us a call on 1300 GOT GOLD or visit us

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