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Remodel Old Jewellery – the perfect Christmas Gift

Remodel old jewellery – the perfect Christmas gift


Posted on January 4, 2014 by Carly McMillan

This Christmas, surprise someone special and remodel old jewellery into something new they will treasure. At Divorce Your Jewellery we not only pay cash for your old jewellery we can also remodel old jewellery.


Expert Jewellers


Because we are jewellers not pawnbrokers we can provide you with a free appraisal of your old jewellery and gemstones. You can either decide to accept our cash offer and buy a gift for your loved one. Or alternatively, our team can help you with the remodelling of existing pieces.


Treasure at Home


Why not gather together your old unwanted jewellery. You will be pleasantly surprised with what we can make with tangled gold necklaces or diamond earrings missing a pair. Life gets busy and you forget what you have sitting at home. Now is a good time to remodel old jewellery.


Remodel Old Jewellery


When you want to remodel old jewellery why not come and visit our team of qualified jewellers and gemologists. We have three stores in Sydney, namely Dee Why, Warringah Mall and Neutral Bay. One of our team will spend the time with you discussing design options and providing you with a quote. You can also bring in a picture of the design you are interested in which can help guide us through the design process. Or our jewellery designers are happy to provide you with suggestions. We can also sell you any additional gold or stones you may require. You can finance the remodelling costs by selling us any other jewellery you no longer want.


Selling Old for New


Remodel old jewellery this Christmas at Divorce your Jewellery. Remodelling old jewellery makes good financial sense and is also good for the environment. You can provide your loved one with something unique this Christmas at Divorce Your Jewellery. Contact us today.

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