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The Best Place to Sell Jewellery. A Man’s Perspective

The Best Place to Sell Jewellery. A Man’s Perspective


Posted on September 11, 2012 by admin

So you may have found yourself requiring the best place to sell jewellery. Perhaps you found out that your woman cheated on you and broke your heart, a tough development in anyone’s life. To have the rings that you paid for creates a powerful association in your mind between those rings that once spelled love and commitment and the heart ache of a trust severely violated.


Here to help


For many men the only solution is to take the old jewellery, any gifts of gold, the engagement and eternity rings and make them have  a quick exit from their lives. It’s like wiping the slate clean, like starting over.


The Best Place to Sell Jewellery


And that’s where we come in. At Divorce Your Jewellery we provide a service to those going through the heartbreak of breaking up and everything that entails that makes it easy for the man to put a great distance between the jewellery and himself.

We help you to take those old, unwanted gifts and turn them into a much-needed holiday, a new wardrobe, a makeover, a new car or motorcycle. Whatever it is that you need right now, we are here to make that happen, paying you top dollar in a safe and straightforward manner.


Easy options available the best place to sell jewellery


Those unwanted reminders of a past can easily be slipped into one of our PostSafe packs (along with a scan of your Driver’s License), lodged at the Post Office, and tracked on the Internet on their way to our secure location. Once received, your jewellery is neatly laid out, photographed, and that image emailed to you so that you can be sure nothing has gone missing in transit. Once you know it’s in safe hands, it’s a simple matter of waiting for our team to assess it and give you a personalized phone call.

Should you decide to accept our offer, we will either make a transfer into your account or send a cheque to your nominated address. On the other hand, should you decline our offer, the jewellery is returned to you in the same way it came to us, in an Express Post Platinum Bag with a unique tracking number that you can follow on the Internet all the way to your home or office.


Sell jewellery with Understanding


In either case, our understanding staff are always happy to have a chat. The end result – people who understand where you’re coming from helping you to get to where you need to be: on the road to a new start, a new beginning.


Divorce your Jewellery – great for guys as well


That’s why we feel that the Divorce Your Jewellery experience, especially for guys, is not only unique but also the very best that’s out there. We make selling your jewellery as painless as possible.

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