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Can I sell my engagement ring to a jewellery store?

Surprisingly, the answer to the question of whether you can sell your engagement ring or other jewellery items to any jewellery store or even the store that you bought it from is generally, No.

The reason being that in order to buy what has now become a secondhand item, the store must have a second hand dealer’s license. For most jewellery stores, having a second hand dealer’s license is too much work with very little payback. So they choose not to have one.

We are registered second hand jewellery dealers.

Here’s where Divorce Your Jewellery can help. We are a registered second hand dealer and pride ourselves on fulfilling every last government regulation. In addition, it’s good to know that we are not pawnbrokers but jewellers ands gemoligists.

The advantages here are twofold:

  1. You receive an appraisal for your whole piece, not just the precious metal or stone
  2. When we talk to you about your unwanted items, our interest is solely in buying them.

Accepting our Offer

If you say Yes to our offer, we pay you for the item and the item becomes ours. A very simple straightforward transaction. It’s recycling in a very modern way.

If you need the money, of course it will come in very handy. Whether it’s keeping the monthly budget in check or perhaps topping up your savings for a desired item or holiday.

On the other hand, if you’d like to recycle your item and give that money to your chosen charity, it’s a simple matter of saying Yes to our offer and donating that money in person or simply going online and donating that sum to the charity that does the work you believe in. Whether it’s saving orphans overseas or rescuing wild animals in Africa, you can donate the money with confidence, knowing that your contribution will make a difference. One person has amazing power in this world.

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