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Sell engagement ring after broken engagement

Sell engagement ring after broken engagement


Posted on September 6, 2012 by admin

Unfortunately things in life just don’t work out the way we want them to. This realisation can be painful especially when it results in a broken engagement or romance. It’s normal to want to make a fresh start and sell the engagement ring which reminds you of the relationship. Although it was given as a token of eternal love it no longer has the same meaning as it did.


How to Sell Engagement Ring


At Divorce Your Jewellery we make this transition as painless as possible. We take all the guesswork and risk out of selling your unwanted gold and diamond rings. We also ensure that the whole process is hassle free and as pleasant as possible. At Divorce your Jewellery we treat you with respect and expedite the handling of your goods during this vulnerable time.


Sell Engagement Ring Australia Wide


Your engagement ring can easily be slipped into one of our PostSafe packs (along with a scan of your Driver’s Licence). Lodged at the Post Office and tracked on the Internet all the way to our secure location. Once received, your jewellery is neatly laid out and photographed. That image is then emailed to you. Once you know it’s in safe hands it’s a simple matter of waiting for our team to assess it and give you a personalized phone call. Postsafe is Australia-wide completely free service. Your goods are also fully insured every step of the way.


Making a Decision to sell engagement ring

Within a few days, we call you with a quote. Again, we treat you with the utmost respect applying no pressure whatsoever. We give you time to think your decision through. Should you decide to go ahead we can transfer the cash into your nominated account or send a cheque to your nominated address. Should you decide to decline our offer your engagement ring is returned to you in the same manner it was sent to us. In an Express Post Platinum bag, trackable on the Internet and insured by us.

Whether you say ‘Yes’ to our offer or choose to decline it we will treat you with the utmost respect. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the Divorce your Jewellery experience is second to none!

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