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Sell rings for cash – get a great offer

Sell rings for cash – get a great offer


Posted on January 4, 2014 by Carly McMillan

Do you want to sell rings for cash? At Divorce Your Jewellery we will give you a great cash offer for your rings.


Rings into cash


We know that fashions change and so do relationships. You may not want to wear an old ring but you are unsure what you can do with it. So it sits in your drawer gathering dust. Did you know that Divorce Your Jewellery will turn your unwanted rings into cash.


What we buy


We buy rings that contain gold, silver, platinum, diamonds or other precious stones.We don’t buy –

Costume Jewellery

Stainless steel ( for example watches)

Anything rusty ( gold or silver doesn’t rust!)




Silver plate

Why sell to us

We know we will make you a great offer. This is because we are expert jewellers and gemologists with over 20 years combined experience in appraising jewellery. You can sell rings for cash to a pawnbroker or gold buyer but be aware. You may not get much for the precious metal value or alternatively they may not understand how to appraise diamonds properly. You can be confident that the team at Divorce Your Jewellery will provide you with a free and accurate appraisal.


Broken and unclean


Don’t worry if your rings are in need of a clean or the setting is broken. Because we are jewellers we know this is easily fixed and we can look past it if the stones and precious metal are of good quality.


How to sell


If you want to sell rings for cash we have made it easy at Divorce Your Jewellery. We offer an Australia wide service so this means that no matter where you live you can get a free and fast valuation. If you are based in Sydney you can bring your rings into one of our stores or alternatively use our premium postage service called PostSafe. If you are not in Sydney you can use PostSafe. It’s absolutely free and we also pay for insurance.


Why not sell rings for cash at Divorce Your Jewellery and use the cash for a long overdue holiday this summer.



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